P For Paddle - P For Pain

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Description: P for Paddle P for Pain - scenes where a paddle is used sometimes looks softer than they actually are. When you are just looking at the punishment, it will normally look much harder, if a whip that leaves heavy marks and maybe even cut the skin is being used by the Mistress. It can however also be extremely painful, as it is generally used, at the same spot all of the time (the butt).  Especially if the paddle is hard, the Mistress is strong and the slave is not experienced in receiving punishment with that, then it can be an almost unbearable pain. And we get P for Paddle P for Pain. Regarding this scene the tool is hard, the Mistress is strong and bout the slave's experience I am not 100% sure – but he seems to suffer...
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Categories: Spanking
Models: Mistress Bounty